SQLite Training Presentations

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Training slides for SQLite. Please feel free to use. Also, if you do use, please cite me and other sources noted in the slides. As these presentations refer to the “SQL Quickstart Guide” by Walter Shields, please consider a purchase of his book to receive the database (sTunes) as described in these presentations (Amazon, etc.).

Let me know if there are any changes/modifications.

Module 1 of 9: https://www2.slideshare.net/highervista/sq-lite-module1

Module 2 of 9: https://www2.slideshare.net/highervista/sq-lite-module2

Module 3 of 9: https://www2.slideshare.net/highervista/sq-lite-module3

Module 4 of 9: https://www2.slideshare.net/highervista/sq-lite-module4

Module 5 of 9: https://www2.slideshare.net/highervista/sq-lite-module5

Module 6 of 9: https://www2.slideshare.net/highervista/sq-lite-module6

Module 7 of 9: https://www2.slideshare.net/highervista/sq-lite-module7

Module 8 of 9: https://www2.slideshare.net/highervista/sq-lite-module8

Module 9 of 9: https://www2.slideshare.net/highervista/sq-lite-module9

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