Overcoming Certification Rejection — A Recovering CCFP Computer Forensics Certification Survivor

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Digital Forensics
  1. Udemy has plenty of certification courses that are developed by individuals who are (mostly) professionals in the field. Udemy is a wonderful place for inexpensive training. Quite frankly, some training at Udemy is top-notched while other training is sub-par. So, with Udemy, keep in mind the motto “Let the buyer beware.” Here’s a link to a Udemy course (as only an example of a link) for the GCFA exam overview. Please preview this course on your own, as I am not endorsing this course or any other courses on Udemy. Link: https://www.udemy.com/certified-forensics-analyst-gcfa/
  2. YouTube is a repository of some good and some really really bad content. I’ve poked around and here’s an example of training (certainly unendorsed) as an example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sAMTjU1dlk
  1. SANS Institute — the prime source: https://www.sans.org/ondemand/courses/forensics

Dr. Ron McFarland, CISSP, PMP guest blogger at Highervista, LLC (email: highervista@gmail.com)

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