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Title: Cloud Service Models: Video 1
Description: Cloud Computing — Training by Highervista LLC. This video is an introductory video and #1 in a series of training videos about Cloud Computing. First, we discuss the definition of Cloud Computing (based off of the NIST definition). Next, we discuss Additional Cloud terms that are important to discuss with your users who may not understand particular definitions that are essential during the definition phase for a project. Following that, we discuss the essential characteristics of Cloud Computing and cloud technology. Finally, we discuss the Cloud Computing service models. These concepts are a prelude to further discussion that will be posted on the Highervista LLC YouTube channel.
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Channel Title: Ron McFarland
Published On: 2021–03–02T00:56:55Z

Ron McFarland

Dr. Ron McFarland, CISSP, PMP guest blogger at Highervista, LLC (email:

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