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Title: Cloud Service Models: Video 1
Description: Cloud Computing — Training by Highervista LLC. This video is an introductory video and #1 in a series of training videos about Cloud Computing. First, we discuss the definition of Cloud Computing (based off of the NIST definition). Next, we discuss Additional Cloud terms that are important to discuss with your users who may not understand particular definitions that are essential during the definition phase for a project. Following that, we discuss the essential characteristics of Cloud Computing and cloud technology. Finally, we discuss the Cloud Computing service models. These concepts are a prelude to further discussion that will be posted on the Highervista LLC YouTube channel.
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Title: Digital Forensics Chapter 3 Overview
Description: A quick overview of Chapter 3 in the Digital Forensics course
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SQLite logo is a trademark of SQLite at
SQLite logo is a trademark of SQLite at

Training slides for SQLite. Please feel free to use. Also, if you do use, please cite me and other sources noted in the slides. As these presentations refer to the “SQL Quickstart Guide” by Walter Shields, please consider a purchase of his book to receive the database (sTunes) as described in these presentations (Amazon, etc.).

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Software Development Life Cycle Assessment

Due to the increasing volume of cybersecurity incidents caused by bad actors, organizations, there is a pressing demand for organizations to protect their information systems and networks. One type of cybersecurity attack that has caused havoc on organizational information systems and networks is the ransomware attack, where organizational information and data assets are locked up and held for ransom by an attacker. To address this type of attack on the critical infrastructure, a plan to address ransomware that includes its prevention, mitigation strategies, and procedures to restore system services if an attack was successful. A business continuity plan (BCP) must…

Source: SyncFab (url:

by Prudence Calabrese, MAI and Ron McFarland, Ph.D.

Artificial Intelligence in the Manufacturing Supply Chain

Individually, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain are two disruptive technologies. Each offers advantages to a wide array of technology, financial, healthcare, business, and the manufacturing supply chain sectors. AI provides the promise of building software and machines that are capable of performing tasks that involve more computation and applied intelligence. In the meantime, blockchain can be considered a new file system for storing information in an encrypted form on a distributed ledger format (Marr, 2018).

Combined, AI and blockchain will lead to both a technical…

A key aspect of database technology is that security of data that resides on databases is at continual risk from hackers. The landscape of database technology has rapidly changed over the past decade. Database technology has morphed into many variants, which serve to better express how data is managed in the organization. The rapid changes and the increased ways that data is managed creates a swelling risk for database security. In this brief article, please find a summary of a few popular database types, as a prelude to future discussions on database security. …

By Ron McFarland, Ph.D.

June 1, 2019

The largest problem with open source solutions is that there is generally no vetting process for much of the open source communities in terms of cybersecurity efficacy. For example, the Equifax hack was as a result of an open source java component being used in a framework that afforded attackers to exfiltrate consumer PII. I recently read that over 1,000 downloads per day occur in the software development space for open source modules. …

Data Leakage & Application Programming Risk Mitigation: A starter for the Java Programming Language

by Ron McFarland, Ph.D.

Risk mitigation continues to evolve in the cybersecurity space. A key observation that speaks to the shifting sands of risk mitigation is noted in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Cyber Risk Report of 2016. HP researchers indicated that attackers have shifted their focus from servers and operating systems directly to applications (Enterprise, 2016). For application development teams, this shift places even greater emphasis on the development of secure code and the protection of code once deployed. …

Digital Forensics

A few years back, I earned the CCFP Computer Forensics certification from ISC2. ISC2 ( is a highly reputable certification organization, but they decided to pull back from the forensics certification as a business decision. They have since expired the CCFP certification.

The CCFP was a recognized certification and, at the time, covered the essential aspects of Computer Forensics. The intent of the certification was noted on the ISC2 website: “The CCFP exam covers a number of domains including legal and ethical principles, investigations, forensic science, digital forensics, and hybrid and emerging technologies. The examination, which costs $549, is a…


by Ron McFarland, Ph.D.

As a Software Development Project Manager, with the help of my team, I must size up the cost of doing a software development project. At the onset of the ‘costing’ effort, one of the common tools that a Project Manager has available is the Function Point Analysis (FPA) method. The FPA is not a distinct estimation effort but is a generic broad estimate on the cost and effort that can be used as a first pass to true software development costs. FPA considers the relationship between the size (scope) of the functional requirements and the amount…

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Dr. Ron McFarland, CISSP, PMP guest blogger at Highervista, LLC (email:

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